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Want to safely, anonymously and quickly buy from 100 BTC to 5000 BTC for cash in Europe for EURO / USD?

There is a constant need to buy out BTC for cash / non-cash in large volumes?
You can easily and comfortably do this in cooperation with our team, which has been working for more than 2 years on the OTC-market for the sale and purchase of BTC.

Locations of possible BTC shipments for cash at the moment*:
1. Czech Republic - Prague
2. Spain - Barcelona
3. Switzerland - Zurich
4. Hong Kong
5. Kiev
6. Moscow
For non-cash transactions via Escrow agent or F2F - Hong Kong
*These locations are valid on Jan 5, 2019, we are constantly working on expanding coverage, therefore, please check the current list with the manager when communicating
**If these locations do not suit you for some reason - you can contact us in any way convenient for you and we will definitely agree on the terms of the transaction acceptable to you.
***We actively cooperate with intermediaries and sellers.
Basic procedure of the transaction:
You fill out the application form for one of the links:
Our manager will contact you for further details on the convenient communication channel for you – as early as possible, but later than 24 hours after receiving a completed application from you
We sign with you NCNDA and IMFPI (documents guaranteeing the protection of your rights as an intermediary) and select a coin seller convenient for you
We organize a conference call between the mandate (the person authorized to decide on the choice of supplier) of the buyer on your part and the Seller, at which we agree on:
  1. The procedure of the transaction as a whole (who, what exactly and when does that we successfully made the transaction)
  2. The procedure of exchanging evidence of ownership of resources (the Buyer confirms the availability of money, the Seller confirms the presence of coins)
  3. Terms of a transaction:
    i. size and number of tranches
    ii. % surcharge - depends on location and changes according to the market situation
    ііі. time and place of transaction (as a rule - VIP-room in the bank, security house or office of the law firm)
We are acting in accordance with the agreements established in step 4:
  1. Exchange evidence of the availability of resources in a specified format
  2. We meet at the agreed place at the agreed time, Buyer and Seller make concerted actions for the exchange of resources and pay the commission to intermediaries
Application for purchase/sale BTC
If you want to buy BTC in one of the countries in Europe - you can contact us via one of the following communication channels:
WeChat ID: Ziablovdv
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